If you didn’t know how or where to buy you are in the right place. Here you will find basic information about and direct access to the exchanges in which you can invest in ().

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🟣 List of exchanges where to buy in 2021

Recommended exchange:

Exchange BINANCE  kraken cryptoexchange    huobi exchange crypto  kucoin cryptoexchange  Exchange Bitfinex  

In this list you will find all the exchanges pairs available to purchase () in 2021.
Select one of these exchange if you want to buy now or just if you want to check the information of .

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We recommend choosing one of the exchanges with the most volume, as they are usually the most reliable to acquire or any other cryptocurrency. The table will appear, by default, ordered with the exchanges that have the most volume in the first positions. You can reorder the table by any column in any comment if you wish.

Another very important recommendation is that you verify the rates or commissions that the exchanges are going to charge you when doing your operations. Always choose those that have the lowest commissions for you.


🟣 What is or ?


🟣 How to buy  

Time 25 minutos.

Quick guide on how to buy in 5 steps:

  1. Select.

    select where to buy on the list
    Select an exchange from our list that sells the coin.

  2. Sign Up.

    Sign Up on exchange selected and see how to buy
    Enter the exchange you have selected and create a user.

  3. identify.

    Send ID documents to exchange
    Submit the required documentation to verify your account.

  4. Add Balance.

    Available money to Add Balance to buy on exchange
    Make a deposit in the Exchange to buy.

  5. Buy.

    Start Buy or trade on exchange
    As soon as you receive the money, you can make your first purchase.

The usual payment method for cryptocurrencies is credit card and bank transfer. With the card the purchase is faster but the commission you pay is higher. On the contrary, bank transfer is slower but cheaper.

To help you in your exchanges and that you can make your decisions more easily, we provide you with other very useful tools in the acquisition of () . These tools are the price chart of , the recent history of the sale price, the purchase intention of users and links to other sites of interest where you will find other information.

🟣 Sales price evolution chart

Use the graph of to guide you in your purchases or sales and to know when is the best time to do them. Try not to buy at highs or sell at lows, although we all know that we end up doing it! The recommendation is to acquire at the bottom of the valleys or falls. Connoisseurs say that good purchases are made in times of crisis, that is, when the market is down.

If it is the first time you enter an exchange, perform the actions calmly. Do not rush and confirm that all the steps you do are exactly as desired. Once you have bought and sold a couple of times, you will see that it is very easy. Enjoy investing! 


🟣 wallet – Safeguard your cryptocurrency


  • Hardware wallets
    They are the safest wallets of all. But they cost money and not all cryptocurrencies can be put into them. Currently, Safepal S1  exceed 10000 different cryptocurrencies with the possibility of storage, and all tokens are available, confirming that is available before buying a hardware wallet.
    Best hardware wallets are made by Safepal, Ledger and Trezor
safepal wallets - Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies
Ledger wallets - Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies
Trezor Hardware wallet 300x150 1 - Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies
  • Desktop Wallet
    They are the wallets that have all the virtual currencies and are available on the official page. Look in the menus or the footer of the wallets section. You will find a link to the website in the initial section “Links of interest”. It is usually the initial version of the portfolio that is launched at the birth of the coin. They are applications for computers and are usually available on the official website of the cryptocurrency. They usually have support for Windows, Linux and MacOs.
  • APP Wallet
    wallets for mobile devices usually work quite well, as long as you keep your device protected. You will also find these wallets on the official website or in the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Online Wallet
    They are also widely used, but they are not available for all cryptocurrencies. Make sure of the reputation of the Online Wallets before sending anything. The security of the online wallet will depend on the method you used to enter it. You will usually find a link to these websites from the official website. If you want to learn more about online wallets, go to its section.
  • Paper Wallet
    Safe option, as long as the data download from the internet is not intercepted or the file is not shared. In return, they say that there are some for single use. You must withdraw all funds at once or you can be left with blocked funds. 

🟣 Sales price history 2020 – 2021

You can check the acquisition prices, the daily volume and the total capitalization of in 2020/2021 easily and quickly.

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🟣 Links information

  • Block Explorer: block explorer: Link to the cryptocurrency block explorer. Use the explorer to see the status of transactions and the contents of wallets or portfolios.
  • Official Website of : Link to the website of . All the information and documentation of the project behind the cryptocurrency.
  • Publication Date: Project launch date.
  • Github of : Official link to the Github of . Use this link to access the source code for and the updates that developers are making.
  • Reddit, Twitter and Facebook of : Link to the different official communication channels on social networks. They are the social networks of , use them to stay informed with the latest news.

We recommend Google Chrome for a better user experience.